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"James Ivaska is more than a massage therapist, he's a problem solver. As a headache sufferer for over 10 years, James helped me to regain control of my headaches in ways I had never thought possible and I am forever grateful for that. As other problems arose when I started running, again James used his incredible skill to help me accomplish my exercise goals. His degrees in kinesiology and massage therapy combined with his caring personality makes him the best massage therapist I have ever worked with."

Meredith B.

"James has exactly the neuro-muscular talents that I had come to value so much from my previous therapist.  His personality is wonderful, calm and relaxing, and he really knows anatomy and how the body works. Since I'm an academic, I especially loved the clear way that he could explain what was going on and what he was attempting to do to cure my various aches and pains. I'm in my late 60's when curing those aches and pains is important! I recommend him without hesitation"

Sue K.

"I came to James with debilitating back pain from a sports injury. My lower back was seized up, and I could barely walk. This is the first and only time I’ve worked with a therapist that took the time to talk to me about my injury and try to identify the source of my pain and disability. I came in with lower back pain, but he quickly identified the source of my of the pain as a trigger point injury in my gluteus medius referring pain and tension into my lower back. He worked on that muscle and I walked away from that session pain free with full range of motion. It was like night and day."

Patrick M. 

James Ivaska is a great massaage therapist!  His talent and abilities allowed him to adapt his technique to account for my special circulatory problems, and the result was a terrific improvement all around.  I would recommend him to anybody!

Don F.




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