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Personal Training Services:

Muscular Health Center provides customized online personal training programs tailored to your goals and needs. These programs are designed around your issues in order to stay out of pain and continue doing the things you need to do and love to do.

What Do You Get?

  1. Functional and postural assessment. We begin with a Functional Movement Screen and postural screen to determine what baseline you are beginning at. This can be very valuable to learn about your body and it's assymetries.
  2. One month of online program customized to fit you. The exercises will be chosen based on the screens above and your goals and needs. The workouts can be tailored to any situation and equipment you may have (or not have). You will have specific instructions with each exercise and video demos to help you along in the process.
  3. Access to consultation from me whenever you need it. Whether it's about form, or something you're feeling, or about a certain difficult exercise. You will be able to send me emails whenever you may need and I will respond rapidly to get you the info you need. 

What Does It Cost:

 The cost per month is $100.

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